Trash Trek
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Crystal Lake Qualifier

M01 Using Recycled Material
Opponent's Green Bins with matching bars in Safety?
M02 Methane
Methane installed in the Truck's Engine?

Methane installed in the Factory's Power Station?

M03 Transport
Truck supports all of the Yellow Bin's weight?

Yellow Bin completely East of Truck's Guide?

M04 Sorting
Yellow/Blue Bars in matching Bin in/on West Transfer?
Yellow/Blue Bars in matching Bin never in West Transfer?
Black Bars in original position/scoring Flower Box ?
Black Bars in matching Green Bin or Landfill Bin?
Black Bars elsewhere in play?
M05 Careers
At least one Person is in Sorter Area?

M06 Scrap Cars
Engine/Windshield installed in Car?

Car completely folded and in East Transfer Area?

Car NEVER partly in Safety Area?

M07 Cleanup
Plastic Bags in Safety Area?
Animals completely in any Circle w/o Bags?
Chicken completely in Small Circle?

M08 Composting
Compost ejected?

Compost completely is Safety Area?

M09 Salvage
Valuables compeltely in Safety Area?

M10 Demolition
No building's beams left in setup position?

M11 Purchasing Decisions
Toy Planes completely in Safety Area?
M12 Repurposing
Compost in either Toy Package (Flower Box)?

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