Trash Trek Core Values Crystal Lake Qualifier
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Directions: For each skill area, Clearly mark the box that best describes the team's accomplishments. If the team does not demonstrate skill in a particular area, then mark the first box for Not Demonstrated. Please provide as many written comments as you can to acknowledge each team's hard work and to help teams improve.


Discovery Balanced emphasis on all three aspects (Robot, Project, Core Values) of FLL; it's not just about winning awards
Team Spirit Enthusiastic and fun expression of team identity
Integration Application of FLL values and skills outside FLL (ability to describe current and potential examples from daily life)


Effectiveness Problem solving and decision making processes help team achieve their goals
Efficiency Resources used relative to what the team accomplishes (time management, distribution of roles and responsibilities)
Kids Do the Work Appropriate balance between team responsibility and coach guidance

Gracious Professionalism

Inclusion Consideration and appreciation for the contributions (ideas and skills) of all team members, with balanced involvement
Respect Team members act and speak with integrity so others fell valued - especially when solving problems or resolving conflic
Coopertition Team competes in the spirit of friendly competition and cooperates with others

Score sheets may not be changed on a completed tournament.