City Shaper Robot Design Peoria Bradley Qualifier - RED
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Directions: For each Robot Design criteria, clearly mark the box that best describes the ability of the team to demonstrate or provide evidence (such as analysis or test data) that their robot and processes meet that level of achievement. If the team does NOT describe a particular criteria at all, then mark the first box for Not Demonstrated. Please provide as many written comments as you can to acknowledge each team's hard work and to help teams improve.

Mechanical Design

Durability Robot designed to maintain structural integrity and have the ability to withstand rigors of competition
Mechanical Efficiency Robot designed to be easy to repair, modify, and be handled by technicians
Mechanization Robot mechanisms designed to move or act with appropriate speed, strength and accuracy for intended tasks (propulsion and execution)


Programming Quality Programs are appropriate for the intended purpose and should achieve consistent results, assuming no mechanical faults
Programming Efficiency Programs are modular, streamlined, and understandable
Automation/Navigation Robot designed to move or act as intended using mechanical and/or sensor feedback (with minimal reliance on driver intervention and/or program timing)

Strategy & Innovation

Design Process Developed and explained improvement cycles where alternatives were considered and narrowed, selections tested, designs improved (applies to programming as well as mechanical design)
Mission Strategy Clearly defined and described the team's game strategy
Innovation Team identifies their sources of inspiration and creates new, unique, or unexpected feature(s) (e.g. designs, programs, strategies or applications) that are beneficial in performing the specified tasks


Great Job... We loved the elevator attachment mechanism. Good use of one-way doors. Clever approach to the crane levers.
Think About... Try combining attachments that serve similar purposes. Consider ways to better document the development of you mission strategy and design process.

Score sheets may not be changed on a completed tournament.