Trash Trek Project Crystal Lake Qualifier
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Team Name
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Directions: For each skill area, Clearly mark the box that best describes the team's accomplishments. If the team does not demonstrate skill in a particular area, then mark the first box for Not Demonstrated. Please provide as many written comments as you can to acknowledge each team's hard work and to help teams improve.


Problem Identification* Clear definition of the problem being studied
Sources of Information Types (e.g. books, magazines, websites, reports and other resources) and number of quality sources cited, including professionals in the field
Problem Analysis Depth to which the problem was studied and analyzed by the team
Review Existing Solutions Extent to which existing solutions were analyzed by the team, Including an effort to verify the originality of the team's solution

Innovative Solution

Team Solution* Clear explanation of proposed solution
Innovation Degree to which the team's solution makes life better by improving existing options, developing a new application of existing ideas, or solving the problem in a completely new way
Implementation Consideration of factors for implementation (cost, ease of manufacturing, etc.)


Sharing* Degree to which the team shared their Project before tournament with others who might benefit from the team's efforts
Creativity Imagination used to develop and deliver the presentation
Presentation Effectiveness Message delivery and organization of the presentation

* - Required for Award Consideration

Score sheets may not be changed on a completed tournament.