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2019 Unit 3 4-H STEMbot Challenge
RankTeam #Team NameBest ScoreRound 1Round 2Round 3
1st23McHenry County - Robotic Rovers - Team Purple235235145175
2nd16Frassati Catholic Academy - The r011y pu113ys220120220165
3rd14Frassati Catholic Academy - PMI (Pathetic Management Inc)18070120180
4th24McHenry County - Robotic Rovers - Laser Llamas170150160170
5th5St. Gilbert School - Ctrl Y15012095150
6th1St. Gilbert School - Paul Jama14510514585
7th15Frassati Catholic Academy - Chixx with Kixx14090140100
8th3St. Gilbert School - Humongous Chungus11511511570
9th25Cottage Grove Upper Grade School - Bright Owls11575100115
10th10Antioch Upper Grade - Gear Heads1106545110
11th2St. Gilbert School - Demonetized1059510595
12th18Frassati Catholic Academy - Mean Greens1005510080
13th4St. Gilbert School - Programmer Pals80357080
14th13Waukegan Public Library - The Infinity Stones80326580
15th17Frassati Catholic Academy - Nugget McChickens80255580
16th9OLH - TEMG Industries80405080
17th19Frassati Catholic Academy - SHAZAM! Clan70555070
18th21Harvard Junior High - #1 Smashing Hornets55324055
19th22Harvard Junior High - #1 Superior Hornets55405525
20th11Antioch Upper Grade - Grace Hoppers55251055
21st8OLH - Robot Squad40353540
22nd6St. Joseph - Chargers40254025
23rd7OLH - The Meme Machine40402020
24th20John T. Magee Middle School - Magee Tech35303035
25th12Waukegan Public Library - Green Hornets20201010