Spring Showdown 2020
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Traverse the Red Carpet
Did Robot move carefully down the red carpet (ramp) without falling off?

Turn the Microphone Boom
Did Robot turn the boom from beginning position facing south to facing north?

Did the Robot lower the mic (blue box) from the boom?

Wear Your Costume
Did the Robot carry its “costume,” from the launch area to far end of table intact?

Move the Set
Did the Robot place the valuable set (safety factor mission) onto “stilts” without falling off?

The Set Rigging Collapsed
Did the Robot fix the part of the set that collapsed?

Stunt Work!
Did the Robot crash through a wall of stacked building elements?

Convert to CGI
Did the Robot convert the CGI from blue to tan?

Act in Front of a Green Screen
How did the Robot perform in a series of moves within the green screen area?

Set up the Camera
Which tree branch did the Robot place the camera (drone) onto?

Dress the Set
How many set pieces did the Robot place on top of a white column?

Deliver the Movie
Did the Robot release the swing to push the blue box of film out for delivery?

Precision Tokens
How many Tokens remain left on the field?